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    Although Mimo was not the first company to file for a patent in 1940, it was the first to make a product available for sale. This company was later acquired by Girard-Perregaux. Four years later, Juvenia followed. Each watch interprets the slide rule differently.

    Mimo used three-hand watches that used logarithmic scales to increase clockwise. omega replica These were referred as C1 and D. omega replica used one of these scales to increase anticlockwise. The C1 scale could also be used as a tachymeter with the chronograph.

    Mimo Loga was first wristwatch to have a slide rule

    Juvenia also made a three-hand watch, but added a bulbous ring to the edge of its watch crystal to magnify scales. The scales were C, C1 & D1, which is... two increasing anticlockwise and one increasing clockwise. They could all be used to multiply, divide or find square roots. The latter two could also be used to make reciprocals.

    Juvenia Arithmo equipped with magnifying rings for easier reading the scales

    These three watches closed the patent window effectively,Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and no other brands entered the market for the next twenty years. The combination of rule and chronograph by omega replica proved decisive. The Chronomat was a huge success, while others fell into insignificance. It introduced a new scale in 1952 that was similar to the Mimo but with distance and time calculations. The watch was designed for pilots. It mirrored the E6B circular pilot’s calculator that was used for preflight navigational calculations. This calculator is still being used today for training purposes. This watch was the Navitimer. It has been the standard for pilot's slide rules watches since then.